Both affordable and stylish, the new Datsun Go has everything you want in a hatchback and a whole lot more.

Youthful design

Angular headlights accentuate the Go’s aerodynamics while an aesthetic honeycomb grille is bound to turn heads everywhere it goes. With four easy access doors, getting in and out of the Datsun Go is easier than ever before. A precisely sculpted front end is designed to reduce wind drag and up your power, giving you great performance at all times.

Dynamite comes in small packages

With a compact but powerful 1.2 litre petrol engine that makes use of racing technology, the Datsun go has more than enough performance and handling. An electrical accelerator means driving will be more responsive than ever before and require far less maintenance. Getting an economy as good as 20Km per litre of fuel, the Datsun Go is both efficient and practical.

Convenience at its best

A mobile docking station not only keeps your phone from jumping around while you’re getting from A to B, but it also allows you to keep your phone charged and playing music for the entire trip.

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