Hyundai Staria

Seating up to 9 people, the spacious new Hyundai Staria is functional, elegant and perfect for all your transporting needs.

Spacious and hardy

The new Staria is bound to have a lot of foot traffic, which is why Hyundai has equipped it with durable fabric seats, ensuring that the Staria is up to the challenge every time. A slick chrome accented centre console is both refined and stylish, making the Staria more luxurious than ever. Cutting-edge climate control systems keep both the driver and passengers of the Hyundai Staria fresh.

Performance like never before

The Hyundai H1Staria’s 2.5 litre diesel engine is perfect for long-distance trips allowing you to make the most of every drop of fuel. Available in both automatic and manual transmission, Hyundai puts the choice in your hands, while cruise control lets your driver keep refreshed and alert at all times. Hydraulic power steering gives the Staria better handling than ever.

Safety all around

Impact sensing doors are there to think faster than a human ever could, keeping you safe with computer precision at all times.

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