Hyundai HD78

From: $43200

Power at its finest, the new Hyundai HD78 combines functionality and design to give you a workhorse of a truck.

Functionality in versatility

Hyundai gives you the choice between a long wheel-base and short wheel-base letting you choose what kind of ride you want out of your truck. A 100l fuel tank means that the HD78’s powerful 4 litre diesel engine going even on the longest journeys. A responsive 5-speed manual transmission lets an experienced driver take fuel efficiency to the max.

Spacious interior

With plenty of storage space available the HD78 allows your driver to be organised and punctual on every trip. Heavy-duty fabric seats can take anything you have to throw at them, making the HD78 a lifetime investment. An easy to see minimalistic instrument panel allows the HD78’s driver to regulate speed easily even at night.

Function in form

Every part of the HD78 is there for a purpose, heated side-view mirrors give you clear visibility at all times while durable plastic steps give your driver easy access to the cab. A spacious load bin gives the HD78 more cargo room than ever before.

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