Grand i10

Hyundai i10

From: $19800

Affordable and economical, the all-new Hyundai i10 is the perfect car for any of your day to day urban needs.

Compact build

Utility meets stylishness in the small yet spacious build of the new Hyundai i10, allowing you to pack in all your friends. A contemporary honeycomb grille complements the i10's upward swept headlights making it look more aerodynamic than ever. Integrated fog lamps offer you an extra weapon up your sleeve.

Efficient performance

A smooth and ergonomic 5-speed manual gearbox gives you maximum economy while the option of a convenient 4-speed automatic transmission makes driving the i10 more relaxing than ever. All while a compact and powerful 1.25 litre engine makes the Hyundai i10’s drive slick than ever. Futuristic suspension means that it’s only smooth sailing in the new Hyundai i10.

Comfortable interior

An elegantly laid out steering wheel buttons gives you the ability to control all your entertainment needs without taking your eyes off the road. A modern digital radio lets you play the music of your choice with the easy access Bluetooth allowing you to connect your smartphone in an instant. The Hyundai i10 takes utility to the max with its foldable seats, making luggage room a worry of the past.

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