Hyundai Creta

From: $29200

The very best that Hyundai has to offer in terms of SUVs, the new Hyundai Creta offers both performance and function.

Executive interior

Slick leather upholstery makes the Hyundai Creta both comfortable and elegant, making the Creta one of the most comfortable SUVs on the market. Bluetooth connectivity lets you play the music of your choice while steering wheel buttons let you access any in trip information at the flip of a switch. An intelligently designed driver’s seat keeps you comfortable on even the longest road trips.

Safe and efficient

High visibility wraparound headlights are designed to keep you safe and in control even in the worst weather. Rear parking assist compensates for the Creta’s imposing body, making even the most complex parking spots a piece of cake. Airbags work together with ISOFIX anchor points to make sure that all your passengers are safe no matter what.

Imposing build

Hyundai’s Bold 16” alloy rims give the Creta an imposing and authoritative aspect, drawing looks everywhere it goes. A rear spoiler reduces drag and improves fuel efficiency while giving the Creta an aerodynamic look uncommon among SUVs.

Up the ante in your lifestyle and call to book a test drive in the new Hyundai Creta today.