Eicher 242 Tractor

Eicher 242 tractor model is a 20-30 HP segment contender with Box Sheet Metal & Round Sheet Metal Styling. It is an icon of ruggedness, comfort, low maintenance and low running costs, making it ideal for applications across the farm mechanization spectrum.

The 242 is powered by an air-cooled single cylinder naturally aspirated engine, which delivers 22 HP power. Its fuel economy is unparalleled!

The 242 model is fitted with an effective braking system (Oil Immersed Brakes). The system boasts of:

  • Easy and effortless operation.
  • Longer life.
  • Improved braking efficiency.
  • Consistent performance over a prolonged period of life
  • Sealed braking system with no chance of water & mud entering the brake system.
  • Suitable for wet land application.

This model is ideal for your small farm operations. Its application spans to Horticulture, land scaping and its size makes it ideal for vineyards to those who do wine. It an ideal tractor for your bailing as well.

Engine Model: Eicher 115 NCE

HP series: 22

PTO HP: 19

No. of Cylinders: 1

Engine Capacity: 1557cc

Rated RPM: 1650

Air Filter Type: Oil Bath

Clutch Type: Single Clutch

Clutch Size: 232mm

Transmission Type: Sliding Mesh

Differential Lock: Yes

Steering: Mechanical

Single PTO: 1021 @ 1650RPM

Rear Axle: Portal

HydLift cap: 1200 Kg

Total Weight: 1720kg Std.

Track Width (Front): 1295mm Std.

Track Width (Rear): 1295mm

Overall length: 3165mm

Overall Width: 1630mm

Overall Height: 2050mm

Wheelbase: 1890mm

Ground Clearance: 395mm

Brake Type: Oil Immersed Brakes

Front tyres: 6.0 x 16

Rear tyres: 12.4 x 28

Battery: 12V, 88 Ah