From: $23700

Both durable and rugged, the new BAIC X25 is everything you could expect from an SUV and a whole lot more.

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Light and powerful

Weighing in at just over 1.1 tons the BAIC X25 takes economy to the max without sacrificing on performance and handling. With a small but strong 1.5 litre petrol engine, the X25 is not only lean but also mean. Available both in a 4-speed automatic and a smooth 5-speed manual, allowing you to customize the X25 according to your needs.

Rugged yet stylish

A bold grille works together with imposing rims, to give the BAIC X25 a no-nonsense and authoritative look, to give you an SUV like never before. Backward swept headlights are functional while still showing off the X25’s high-tech aerodynamics. Equipped with roof rails that are perfect for roof racks, the BAIC X25 makes worries about luggage a thing of the past.

Clean-cut interior

A slick carbon fibre accented centre console gives the X25 a futuristic and modern feel unseen in other vehicles of its class. Stylish metallic foot pedals tie in with the hints of chrome on the steering wheel, giving the X25 a sense of luxury like never before.

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