BAIC D20 Sedan

Refined and spacious the new BAIC D20 Sedan is perfect for day-to-day urban driving and long distance road trips.

Power galore

BAIC puts the choice in your hands, letting you choose between a 1.3 litre and 1.5 litre naturally aspirated engine. Available in both an automatic transmission and an efficient manual gearbox, BAIC lets you build the D20 Sedan to your needs. Economy is taken to the max in D20 Sedan, getting as little as 6.4 litres of petrol for every 100km.

High-tech features

Durable fabric trim seats are not only comfortable but hardy, while plenty of legroom makes the BAIC D20 Sedan more spacious than ever. A sleek LCD display lets you easily see and control everything to do with entertainment, while climate control lets you arrive refreshed after even the longest journey. Ergonomic steering wheel buttons let you change anything to do with infotainment at will.

Functional inside and out

The BAIC D20 Sedan’s slick aerodynamics take efficiency to the max, and a well-integrated moon roof offers a sense of laidback fun. The D20 Sedan offers a spacious boot and seats 5 people, giving you a car perfect for family vacation.

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