New Cars

Astounding vehicles

With over 56 years of motoring experience, BAIC has been making waves in China for decades. Now that

BAIC vehicles are available through Clover Leaf BAIC, you too can experience the performance and style

that has made these cars a household name back home today.

Priced just right

Clover Leaf BAIC stocks the newest vehicles from BAIC at prices that will amaze anyone. You can view all

of our latest models as well as prices on our website and Facebook page, which we both update

regularly. We offer finance as well as custom payment packages that will make owning a new BAIC

easier to do than you’d imagine.

Clover Leaf has you sorted

Give us a call today if you’d to organise a viewing or test-drive of any of our vehicles. Our staff will

happily help you with your motoring needs as well as assist you with any questions you might have

about our new cars.