Total Confidence

Over 45 years in Motoring

To provide each of our customers with a consistently high level of quality, we apply the same standards nationwide, to ensure that all Clover Leaf Motors customers enjoy peace of mind for the lives of their vehicles. The approach is based on quality from the customer’s perspective on four key elements:

First, the expectation of a smooth driving experience with complete peace of mind.

Second, the intangible appeal of a vehicle, its power to captivate and excite, with features that captures attention and imagination.

Third, the level of attentiveness and service during the sales process, and long after the sale is concluded.

Fourth, the peace of mind when we take in your vehicle for service with genuine brand parts and experts

Our commitment to quality is essential for a world-class car sales company and the integrity of our brands.  The core of this commitment is quality leadership certainly for our products and vehicles, which is essential to maintain our customers’ trust, and also quality of our services, our brand, our management and our company overall.  By leadership, we mean there will be no tangible difference between our vehicle’s performance and any category leader.

We are hugely encouraged in receiving a number of Awards in the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) survey done by Connexus Nissan South Africa. It is thanks to the efforts of everyone who embraced the concept that each individual has a role to play in promoting excellence in customer satisfaction. Improving/maintaining our CSI ratings is an ongoing objective and one that forms a key support in the platform on which Clover Leaf Motors is building a leading automotive brand. We take CSI very seriously and will continue to work hard to make sure that Nissan remains a leader in the local automotive industry.




Nissan Clover Leaf Motors has won the prestigious  Nissan Dealer of the Year award in Zimbabwe nine times since it launched by Nissan in 2002. The citation states this tribute is recognition of outstanding all-round performance in new vehicle sales, parts and workshop reliability and quality.

Nissan Clover Leaf Motors’ reputation is unrivaled and the award of Nissan Service Customer Satisfaction Dealer of the Year was awarded to the company by Nissan twice since 2012.  This is testimony to our continuous efforts to delight all our customers with excellent customer service.

Nissan Overall Customer Service Dealer of the Year: This award recognises our excellent mastery of Customer Service Excellency in both New Vehicle Sales & Service. Customer service surveys are carried out by a company based in South Africa called Connexus and this award is testimony of our continuous effort in delighting our customers.

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